Blackout, Women’s Day, and The View from My Bathroom

tumblr_nkwqwsgTFC1u32hlso1_400 tumblr_nkwqwsgTFC1u32hlso2_400 tumblr_nkwqwsgTFC1u32hlso3_540 tumblr_nkx57nny9Z1u32hlso1_400 tumblr_nkx57nny9Z1u32hlso2_400 tumblr_nkx57nny9Z1u32hlso3_540 tumblr_nkx8cbDq571u32hlso1_540

Just some of my doodles in dedication to Blackout and Women’s Day. Don’t know what it is, look it up!

Also, a shot through the window of my bathroom, making my poop time a more magical event to bring to you all.


At least as for as you know.

Every day from here on out I’ll be bombarding you with different little pics and doodles I do. A daily doodle-do, if you will.

Have a great Sunday night, everyone.

P.S. The text above the green-haired girl says, “The faded rose comes to life.”


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