Spring Sensations (The last of my Seasonal Contemplations series)

I begin to bake bright treats, in both flavor and color: crisp lemons, light strawberries, moody blueberries, and green accents.

Vanilla makes an outstanding reappearance on our palates… An encore, if you will.

Chocolate takes its leave from our mugs, but promises a quick return in our milkshakes, then in our ice cream.

Bake fresh bread to match the blooming bulb scents outside.

Open the windows, please; that careful, forgiving wind alerts my eyes to peer into the light which shines down on all the fresh greens.

Days like these make it difficult to recall the tumultuous damage of the storms from nights before.

I cannot help but extend my bare feet to the cool stones laid beneath the shade-bearing oaks.

Carefully tip-toeing across the rough stones, I press my palms into the oak’s flesh, leaning my body and soul into its growth.

As soon as I cross over into the sunlit grass my whole being is embraced in warmth. My hair is lighter, my eyes shift from forest to jade, and my flesh accepts the will to softly darken.

I’m breathing in the whole world’s new life.

Take me to the river, splash your toes in the shore, catch the little fish, admire the crystals, and be inspired by the heron.

Still yourself in his presence.

Hope that he may comminicate his wisdom to you.

He will not stay, but perhaps we should remain a while longer?

When the sun sets, when the peaches, evergreens, and lavendars fade intp navy, we will remember the cold.

Tonight we will retire early in anticipation of Spring’s return at dawn.

This season promotes only the day and all we can take from it.


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