Ghostbusters Reboot! It’s Actually Happening!

Listen up movie reboot and comedienne fans! There is going to be a full-on Ghostbusters reboot with an all female cast! I’m so excited because the chicks they picked are so freaking funny and crazy smart on the sent. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT FOR THIS!

Director Paul Feig has happilly introduced his new lady-laden cast for his Ghostbusters movie. I am pleased to see such set geniuses as Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig (both working together in the hilarious Bridesmaids), Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon (both working together on SNL).

The original idea to this fave oldie reboot was to bring back the original cast and director. All had been on board for the project except Bill Murray whom had given neither a yay or nay. Since Harold Ramis’s death last year, the original director backed out as well. Thus, the Ghostbusters‘ reboot was in dire need of some real rebootin.’

What a better way to mix things up on the fans? Since the originals couldn’t do it, no men would be able to match the old birds’ top notch work. However, what with the explosion of ridiculously talented comediennes and actresses sporting gender neutral, genuine comedy, Murray and his old crew may have finally found the perfect foursome to recreate and expand upon their old roles.

All we can do is keep on the lookout for this film’s due date and see the rebirth ourselves. I’m certainly looking forward to it. What are your thoughts on the project?


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