Current Abortion Thoughts

Personally I am against abortion for my own body by my own reasoning and beliefs. However, I am not going to say it’s ok to pass a law saying no one ever should do it. How can I play as God and allow a law refusing every person regardless of reason this? It is not my place to pass that judgement. I don’t feel right as a Christian and a human to do that. I know many will disagree with me, but here is another reason why I am against making it illegal:

People will always find ways to do what they believe they need regardless of law. Since this is an invasive medical procedure, what good does it do to outlaw a professional doing it as safely as they can so a scared young girl can find some skeevo in a back alley and possibly die.

If you are a Christian and wish to outlaw this because you feel it is putting souls who go through with it at risk, you must remember it is their fight, their battle, their decisions, not ours. Do not take their right to free will away. God doesn’t do that, why should you?

Freedom to choose whether it agrees with you or not. Again, I personally am not ok with it, but I will be damn sure not to make that decision for someone else. God said that is not my place. I can state my concerns and lead by example all the live long day, but I can never deny someone their right to choose. Besides, preventing them from physically doing it doesn’t stop the decision. God said if we truly think it or wish it in our hearts we have indeed committed it.

I would also like to add how women who are raped and impregnated, have a high risk of not surviving the birth killing both themselves and baby, and/or have a venereal disease that will be passed on to the baby will only be adding needless suffering everywhere. Now that’s personally how I see it, agree or not.

Personal beliefs should not affect everyone else in the world no matter how much you know they are true or not.


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