So last night I had my ex/current roommate over at my house. Let’s explain that title first, shall we? She was my roommate in freshman year of college, we remained close friends, and now I spend a lot of my lunch times and between-class times at her room since she lives alone. Although I live with my fiance as many of you already know, this is our last semester and he is working more often while finishing many flight labs (the aviator that he is). Since this is the case for me as well (minus flights labs, only psychology and preschool observation plus internship), our schedules do not sync up very well regarding exclusive time spent together. Thus, rather being alone, I tend to enjoy the company of a dear friend who would likewise prefer not to be alone.

Moving on.

Last night we spent our time working on some early basic homework while tooling around on the internet. While my friend checked her email she spotted one sent from her father. He had sent her an image that put us on the floor in tears. Apparently, while working on the oil rig off the coast of Texas, the chef had brought with her a luxurious fur coat to help with the cold nights. It made some logical sense, because those working on the rig could not pack very much, so instead of layers she opted for her aunt’s old coat. Seems legit.

Well, what with all the goofy, trouble-making men on this boat, after she went to sleep the guys decided to play fashionista with her fur coat. Indeed, my friend receives a photo of her father, with shining tin foil molded onto his top teeth and the fur coat bundled up around his neck. The facial expression is what killed us: the most ridiculously ecstatic expression I’ve ever seen on this man’s face. He looked full on, mocking famous rapper style. It was marvelous.

Additionally, I finished my Charlie the Unicorn sweatshirt a week ago. I simply haven’t uploaded it yet, but it looks lovely. I will share the finished project with everyone soon!


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