Let’s Discuss: My Style(s)

My style has been defined as hippie, gypsy, southern cowgirl, crazy, lazy, on point, mom-wear, practical, retro, and grunge. All these definitions of my style have come from different people of course, but I have heard each definition at least three times each. Although I agree with all of it, I would like to take this time and space to define my style myself.

Being bipolar (ugh, yes, I know, I’m bringing that up again. Who knew a bipolar would talk about their disorder so often?), my closet does cover quite a few different styles. Although I have some very mod, tailored, fashionable outfits and dresses, these bits of clothing are usually reserved for special events and those few, rare occasions that I actually want to dress like Rachel Green. Otherwise, my preferred styles are not very mod, tailored, or super classy.

Let’s just discuss my style(s) through categories of clothing. Trust me, it’s easier to do it this way… Well, maybe not easier, but it’s less confusing… Well, maybe not that either.

Sweaters: the baggier, saggier, and more obnoxious the better. I like my sweaters to annoy random, persnickity strangers in public while simultaneously making me feel all warm and gooey inside. I like my sweaters to pair nicely with an organic coffee-house scene: chai latte, homemade cake, surrounded by handcrafted and homegrown knickknacks and remedies while sketching away in one of my journals. I also require my sweaters to be made of some kind of organic material be it cotton, alpaca hair, wool, hemp, yak hair, or some other plant or hoofed creatures shaven fluff. It feels nicer and warmer to me, and lasts longer than most acrylic/polyester blends do.

Other tops: I like loose, blousey, breezy blouses made from cotton, usually, although sometimes I’ll venture out to the poly/cotton blends if the top really impresses me in looks, feels, and price. I also love graphic t-shirts with a favorite band logo printed on them, or perhaps a funny joke, or a tv show fandom I subscribe to. During the winter when t-shirts are not as practical to wear, I paint my own graphic sweatshirts to wear instead. I have many a painted/printed baggy sweatshirt, which look absolutely adorable on me. My friends’ and family’s favorite so far is a little periwinkle one with a girraficorn saying “moo” on it. The girraficorn is confused as to what he is, and thus says “moo” not knowing what he should say. Oh and he/she’s a hermaphrodite… Because I can.

Skirts: the longer and flowy-er the better. Although I enjoy cute, knee-length poofy skirts as well, I prefer skirt hems to fall at my ankles. I love cotton skirts that are lacey, embroidered, stitched, and naturally dyed. To put it simply, I like to wear peasant/hippie/gypsy skirts. I presently enjoy getting my colorful, flowy skirts from an old Indian couple’s store in a nearby city’s downtown. They are handmade and imported from India, and they are fabulous! I also get quite a few of my colorful, comfortable, ornate dresses from this store as well.

Dresses: Does it look like something a hippie would wear it whilst running through a wheat field? Mine. Does it look like something a gypsy would wear it during European Victorian times in Czech? Mine. Would a gothic/punk girl from the 90’s wear it? Mine. Would Phoebe from the show Friends wear it, especially in early seasons? Also mine.

Pants: according to everyone around me, I apparently own only “mom jeans” in the denim department. So what if I like high-waisted, comfortable, flared-leg blue jeans? What’s the point in wearing casual jeans if you’re not going to be comfortable in them? I also have a bright collection of colored pants, colored shorts, and other hand-dyed bottoms. I also love pairing colorful or designed shorts with colored cotton tights and fuzzy boots. I think it’s cuter than puppies on biscuits.

Shoes: pretty much anything and everything. Seriously, I have so many different styles of shoes it’s ridiculous. I have classy heels, colorful pumps, leather boots, fuzzy boots, for real cowboy boots, beachy wedges, ornate sandals, spikey sneakers, tons of flip-flops, gothish Oxford’s, and sparkly pageant shoes. However, my standing favorites pairs of shoes most frequently worn are all my genuine leather shoes and boots by Minnetonka, my fuzzy pompom boots, and my gothish black and white heeled Oxford’s.

Jewelry: The majority of my jewelry is made by me or by independent local artists whose talents I cannot easily or cheaply replicate. Thus, my jewelry is very colorful, random, obvious, hard to miss, noisy, unique, and greatly envied by everyone I’ve met. I have often dealt with friends, family, and strangers trying to “nab” my pieces for themselves. Quite a few of my pieces have colorful stones and crystals in them because I think it looks fabulous.

Hair/headwear: colorful cotton bandanas, ornate and wild headbands, and knitted and warm headbands are piled high in my closet. I love tying my short hair up in these, or pushing back my bangs in funky looking headbands during workdays. My hair is currently natural blonde with dyed auburn stripes.

Makeup: everything here is normal until you get to my eyes. I go for wild, colorful, and exotic when it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner. I use liquid eyeliner to embellish interesting and intricate designs on days I have a little extra prep time. Otherwise, I just go for interesting colors that correspond with my outfit. It’s fun to me and I’ve only ever gotten compliments for it.

Accessories: I have an on-the-verge fetish for scarves and shawls of all kinds and colors. I’m also up to my eyeballs in leg warmers, arm warmers, knee-high and thigh-high socks, and colored cotton tights. I once spent $500 on colorful, designed stockings, tights, and leg warmers. I have a problem… I’m not sure what to do about it. My affinity for weird socks honestly staggers me.

Well, now you have a little insight into my mix-match of silly, crazy styles. I wear what I like and what I believe looks good on me, and I simply let my confidence in my outfits speak for itself. I’ve never been told I look terrible in anything I wear, nor have I ever received dirty or shocked looks for my outfits.

Half of how you look in certain clothing stems from how you feel about what you are wearing. If you don’t like it and don’t feel like you’re hotter than fresh piss in your own way, then others will pick up on that and apply that obvious lack of self-love and confidence to what you’re wearing. You should know what looks good on your body shape and size, but you shouldn’t stray too far from what you truly like and what you feel great in. When it comes down to it, as long as you love, you feel beautiful inside and out, and you exude those feelings to the world, then everyone around you will pick up on that and love what you’re wearing. As cliché as it sounds, it really is about how you wear it over what you’re wearing.

How would you define your style(s)?


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