So What I’m Doing Right Now

Just got done finishing off my drag-like makeup, as can be seen in the last blog’s pictures. I tried out Jenna Marbles’s braception for the first time. Indeed, I have a bra within a bra within a bra. BRACEPTION! Anyway, it looks awesome. Before that I took a long, hot steam shower and completely steamed up my whole bathroom like a sauna.

Now, I’ve been mixing tasty little cocktails, dancing like an idiot to my favorite music including Counting Crows, SHINee, My Chemical Romance, David Bowie, Prince, Sugar Ray, Lana Del Rey, Static X, Rage Against the Machine, and The Fratellis.

I’ve been doing some blogging, some actual work, writing, and general fuckery on facebook.

This is a great end to this goofy-ass year.

Guys, go out and have at least a few minutes to yourself if you’re not alone tonight. Go and hang out by yourself for just a few minutes, think about all you love to do and everything you love about yourself. Get yourself alone for a few seconds, like you would your dream partner tonight. Because if you don’t want to get yourself alone, don’t expect anyone else to want to more than once or twice.

Be thankful for all that has happened to you this year, for all that has brought you to wherever you are in the grand scheme of things. Be more of yourself. Be more of that spirit placed inside you. A year is only a man-made thing, just be happy where you are in the moment.

If you’re alone all night, really enjoy yourself. Do what you want, no one is around to stop you. Do silly things you wouldn’t usually think of doing. Have fun. Walk around your neighborhood and take a peak into your neighbors’ lives tonight. How are they celebrating this night? Enjoy yourself and what the world has to offer, what have you got to lose?

Happy New Year’s everyone, let’s kick this next year’s ass.


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