Pet Owners and Parents Alike

Nowadays, I honestly see spaying/neutering often used as a cop-out to not have to pay close attention to one’s pets. Although I see the benefits in it, and that it’s good in many cases (obviously), but if you do it so you don’t have to worry about where your dog is or what’s going on with them, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. If someone tells you you can’t monitor your pet all the time, or constantly be aware of where they are, then they simply haven’t tried hard enough. If you’re not going to try hard enough then don’t get a pet. Or kids for that matter. Because if you honestly believe you can’t monitor a kid 24/7 either, then may I refer you to my mother?

Branching off: I know a lot of young teens that are getting into accidental pregnancies, abusive relationships, STD’s, and so forth. That doesn’t mean you should get their privates cut out. This happens mostly (I say mostly, no not in all cases, but mostly) to kids whose parents didn’t actually pay very close attention to their lives, were abusive/neglectful regarding these matters, or simply took the “ignorance is bliss” path. Be a decent parent to whatever life you’ve chosen to care for. Remember, YOU chose to care for it, so research the responsibility. Don’t make a decision based on how much easier it’s going to make your life when it involves another life. If you wanted things to be easier, don’t get a pet or a child.

Regarding your pets: you can keep up with where they are, what they do, and what other animals come into contact with them.

Regarding kids: ditto. It doesn’t mean you control their every move or lock them in the basement. It means you check in with them, you know where they are going, you check their stories so they aren’t lying, you know who they hang out with everywhere (even the ones they don’t tell you about), and you get to know who they know. It’s called being involved.

I don’t have to be a parent to know this is the right way to parent. All I needed was a parent who raised me in that way.

Thanks to you Mom, I have the solid foundation from which to raise my own children.


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