Regarding That Last Blog

For those who happened upon my last blog post and actually read it, I somewhat apoligize. For those who took one look at it and scrolled past it saying, “nope nope nope,” I commend you. I only somewhat apologize to the former because it’s not like I held a gun to your head to read all of that insane mess, but I still was the one who threw it out there on your feed.

It was a great Christmas, but right before and right after it was nothing but mayhem all from the fiance’s mother.

Tonight was something.

I felt like I was watching a tiny, 1v1 Gettysburg battle between my fiance and his mother. Although they were only on the phone, the fight was epic.

I have to say though it wasn’t so much a fight as it was my fiance standing up for himself all on his own acting and his mother just screaming and/or crying hysterically (his words which I paraphrased for added effect… Not that this whole night needed any added effect).

Man, let me tell you, people are nuts.

As one planning to make a living through psychologically analyzing others, this is both a problem and a way to stay in business. Either way, as I told my fiance the other day, “Your family is the reason why therapists commit suicide.”

All in all, Happy Holidays and I love you all! (not-really-but-what-do-you-know-just-put-the-lotions-in-the-baskets)


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