School’s Out, I’m Happy, Pass the “I” Statements Please

I’m so happy.

Let me tell you why:

My last final was three days ago, and it was easy.

I aced all my classes and teachers gave me crazy-good reviews.

I deep cleaned my whole house, which was something I had to keep putting off because of school and work.

I decorated the house in the most magical, brilliant Christmas you’ve most likely ever seen.

I went to a friend’s wonderfully calm party last night. We watched Harry Potter.

I have most of the ingredients for the Christmas dinner I’ll be making.

I put a few red streaks in my hair to add to the festivities.

The complete series of Friends will be on Netflix January 1st.

Although next semester consists of 22 hours plus an internship, it is my final semester and I will graduate with honors. Holy hell.

^I know there were a lot of “I” statements there, but you know what? “I” have been incredibly and consistently happy. For my life, that is a big deal, so those “I” statements are needed. They are especially needed now since next semester will most likely prove to be a manic hell what with all the impending stress, work, and intensity. Not looking forward to it, except for my art class and psychology class. I always look forward to some clay and Freud.


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