When Killers Command Us

You cannot deny the fear that occurs in people who are being killed for little reason by those who are supposedly hear “to protect and to serve” us. As a young white woman, I am just as afraid of our police as any black during these latest reports. Why? Because many white children, women, and men are also being killed by officers with little reason to justify the killing. These untrained men are making the decision to kill people and get away with it perfectly fine. That is something to be very afraid of.
Not to mention, do you know how many officers allow rape to happen after seeing it occur? Do you know how many officers laugh at someone practicing date rape, and let it continue? Do you know how many officers commit rape themselves and tell the girls, “go ahead, call the authorities on me. I am the authority. And it’s not like it can un-rape you anyway.”
Too many for anyone to be ok with it, that’s how many.
I don’t do anything illegal. I do absolutely nothing that would incite an officer’s wrath, but I am still terrified of the brutality that occurs from men and women who barely have to pass a psychological exam, a not very good one at that, only once in their careers. I am sickened by the fact that the firearm training they receive is half-ass at best. I am appalled by the fact that they only have to pass one somewhat difficult physical exam also only once, and then can get as out of shape and unhealthy as they desire and still claim their officer title.
Those in the military, my brothers, sisters, and dearest friends in arms, shake their heads in disappointment at our police force’s application process. They go through my more rigorous training, better training, and must pass thorough mental and physical exams. There are frequent mental and physical exams given, especially after the soldier has seen some form of combat, to ensure that the soldier is at his/her best to protect and serve. They know how to properly handle guns, they know how to assess chaotic situations, they know how to handle high-stress events, and above all they know when to pull the trigger. They know pulling that trigger means you are making the decision to send that person from this earth forever. They take it seriously. They do not let any other influential thoughts enter their mind.
Well, I can honestly say at least MOST of them do. But I cannot say the same for our police force.
Yes, I am very afraid of our half-baked rent-a-cops marching in the street with guns.
And if you’re not afraid of them, I promise you will be soon enough.
Unless something can change.
Unless we can change it.  

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