My Latest Thoughts on Color Stereotyping

This is all a little random, raw, and uncut, but bear with my issues as of late. I’ve been sick and tired beyond belief from all the stereotype slapped on me by people “advocating” against stereotyping.

Get to know someone just a little bit in the least before passing judgement, since that’s what you seem so hell-bent on doing.

I dislike being seen immediately as a color-hating, priveleged, typical white person when I’ve spent all my life not applying instant judgement to anyone of color, and promoting such beliefs often and loudly.

For Christ’s sake I’m a member of the Choctaw nation. It’s not my fault my father was born nearly albino, completely disrupting the darkened skin and black hair which had been apparent before him. All I have to resemble my Choctaw family are my eyes and my inability to burn in the sun.

You know what? Honestly, it fucks me up to no end when people tell me, “it’s because you’ve been privelaged for so long.”

Excuse me?


Do you have any idea what I went through growing up, and even now?




NEVER belittle the hell I endured and survived in my life. You truly know nothing.

If you want people to stop applying stereotypes to everyone, then maybe it should start with you.

NOTE: Not everyone is going to immediately tell you their life story, which will most likely change your judgements on them exceptionally. So, maybe, just maybe, have a little patience you overly hypocritical cunts.


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