If Ferguson, Then Everywhere

These are my thoughts regarding some form of real change needed to take place in America’s police force. Honestly. Can we please get our shite together sometime soon?

Because if you think this stops at Ferguson, or maybe it’s only for blacks, then you are sadly mistaken.

The American police force is more than lacking in so many areas. The fact that they don’t keep up with physical and psychological tests is bothersome, and the second fact that they don’t take much to pass (especially the psychological test), is beyond sketchy. Honestly, I’ve seen so many physically unfit people in the police force who can barely walk-or limp-from their desk to the bathroom while gasping for air. Being an officer of the law should require you to truly be in your utmost top physical condition. It should also require you to be of sound mind all the way through, but I have noticed just how many police officers blatantly demonstrate characteristics of mental conditions, psychopathic tendencies, and aggressive biases (like this guy, apparently). And these people are allowed guns and told to keep the rest of us in line. We need marine standards to get into the police force. We need to be thorough with psychological evaluations, and have intermitten update tests throughout each officer’s career to ensure the mentally healthiest officers. This should also apply to physical exams, They need to keep up with their physique, stamina, and strength. They need to be taught respect, and a good sense of judgement. They need to have a decent education. They need to know the laws that they are enforcing inside and out.


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