Self-Loathing Is Wrong No Matter What

Although not applied to everyone, but the self-loathing of being white in such a racist culture is very similar to the self-loathing many Christians subscribe to for being imperfect humans.

Think about it like this: girls who are chubby, pudgey, or overweight are now fighting back and loving their bodies. For a short period of time, there were some fairly extensive hate campaigns towards skinny girls. There’s still a little now, but not as badly as it was about to be. Luckily, we caught ourselves before completely toppling over to the other end of the spectrum wherein the culture would change to attack skinny girls. The idea was to love your body no matter what. We’re still in this fight, but a lot of progress and awareness has been made.

Self-loathing and hatefully depreciating your own race does not undo the discrimination towards another one. I wouldn’t say celebrate your race, but learn to love yourself as a human being first. Promote the good parts in yours and in others’. Do this and lead by example so others may learn to do the same.

All of these campaigns against racism, attacking body image, sexism, and sexual orientation are meant to keep people from feeling wrongfully ashamed about who they naturally are.

Do point out what others are doing wrong against other races.

Don’t point it out because they’re white, and you’re white, then you must hate all whites because all whites adhere to the same, racist beliefs. Which means you should also be ashamed of your being white and every bit of your white heritage.

Don’t depreciate yourself, who you are naturally, simply because a lot of white people are acting like asses. It’s not white culture and black culture, it’s attacker culture and victim culture. You being white does not make you any less of a decent human being. You being black does not make you a natural criminal. It has nothing to do with your color. However, you being an attacker of any race makes you a pretty crappy human being.

It’s about the actions and decisions of people, not their race, weight, sexuality, or gender. Keep that in mind. That goes for everyone regardless!


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