Youtuber Material? Soon…

Howdy everyone! I just wanted to give you all a heads up to some very exciting news for the future. Next semester will be my last semester of college, and boy will it be cramped! You see, my registrar doesn’t seem to have very open lines of communication with every other person on campus, if any at all, so I came across a couple of snags in my graduation. Instead of having very few classes left to gradtuate, three more suddenly came about.

Now, one I simply forgot about. That was my bad.

The second one was an error in communication between me and the old psych departmental head and the new one. So that’s fine, I just have to do it and move on.

The third one was completely and entirely the registrar’s faults. Every worker in my registrar had a completely different answer for the issues unfolding there, and had given MANY students the wrong information for years.


But no matter how much the confessed to their mistakes, they would not let me off on this stupid college course that I had no idea I was supposed to take (nor anyone else, for that matter, including teachers, advisors, and deans). Mm.

Anyway, starting soon, my fiance and I will be posting many pre-recorded travel and nonsense blogs to youtube. Yessir, Bitchpolar and her best man are coming together to start a youtube series vlog. We are both very excited, and think you will enjoy what we have to offer. And if you don’t, we could give less shites because we’ve been laughing our asses off at our videos. Since the last semester is coming up, we are wanting to showcase some of the funny events which happen with us and our friends.

Soon I will be posting the link to our channel once we finish, and I hope you like it.

Thanks, loves.


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