To all the “sluts,” “hussies,” and “fags.”

I hate the misuse of “slut.” It’s original definition has nothing to do with sexual behavior all together. The word, “slut,” refers to a woman with low standards of cleanliness. Due to its modern, popular, and misused definition, slut referring to sex has recently become an unofficial part of its definition. It’s like the original definition of “fag,” which actually had nothing to do with homosexual men. The “fag” one upsets me because I quite liked to use that word before people turned it into something completely different. (Fag informally meant an unpleasant, tiresome task. It is also a verb meaning to work hard on a difficult, tedious task.)

In fact, if you want to use the incorrect meaning of “slut” correctly, use the word “hussy.” When this girl pointed out how people misused this term on girls who had broken up marriages or slept around to get what they wanted, “hussy” would actually be a more pertinent term for this sort of behavior. Hussy means a lewd, saucey, immoral and mischievious woman. Or you could just call them a homewrecker… That works too.

Use your words right, please.

Here is the video I refer to:


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