Life is about the weirdest bunch of shite in the world.

Life is about never answering the door when you’re alone in your house and someone knocks.

Life is about hiding behind your couch when the person continues knocking, hoping that you paused your netflix in time before they could really hear anything.

Life is about your fiance totally accepting the fact that you are like this, and kindly lets each landlord know that you are like this without being mean or offensive.

Life is about being paranoid in your own home, but ruthlessly confrontational outside of it.

Life is about forgetting you left your beloved dog outside until she scratches at the door, reminding you that you have such a great friend who won’t run away from you even though you forgot about them momentarily.

Life is about waiting to get through an interesting youtube video even though you really badly have to pee. Jesus, I have to pee so badly, but I’ll go as soon as I finish this blog… Then this facebook comment… Okay, after I stalk this person on tumblr for a bit… And so on.

Life is about pouring out your thoughts into papers, poems, essays, journal entries, status updates, and blog posts while on the toilet. Yes, I’m writing this from my toilet right now.

Life is about going to the toilet to pee, but then sticking around for a shit, too. It may be unexpected, but you certainly don’t mind as long as you have the time work on a log… And I don’t mean a Captain’s Log 😉

Life is about interchanging/implementing British words and archaic terms casually into public/professional forums (such as conversations with your dean, or in your Philosophy class essay) even though you’re not British or archaic…

Life is about saying no to watching that video of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” perfectly synced to a 1989 aerobics dance program.

Life is about admitting you waste a lot of time while watching a 1989 television aerobics program perfectly synced up to “Shake It Off.”

Life is about happily admitting that Taylor Swift is one of your favorite musical artists, regardless that pretty much everyone thinks she sucks. (She’s, like, my spirit animal or something)

Life is about claiming you will quit college and not take on another semester, but you continue school every semester.

Life is about realizing you’re heading into your last semester, finally, and suddenly applying to college again for a second degree.

Life is about realizing what your life is about so far.

Getting screwed over by your university countless times, and overcoming each time is a sign of living.

Having your clothes, scarves, furniture, and food coated in loose dog and cat hairs is a sign of living, especially when all those cats and dogs each have a special rescue story.

Explosive love turned into mutual love turned into surviving love turned into comfortable love is a sign of living.

Planning your wedding since you were 13, then happily and unanimously deciding to hold a “spontaneous, surprise wedding” is a sign of living.

Being pushed so beyond your limit that even your mental disorder shuts down and refuses to react, leaving you in a crystal, content state is a sign of living.

Never having a regret before in your life, nor ever believing in the meaning of regret, then one day agonizing over the impossibilities of time travel is a sign of living.

Feeling the clash of your 3 different cultural backgrounds expressing themselves through your bipolar and physical conditions, and actually loving it, is living.

Have a comical answer to everything based on those cultural/racial backgrounds is living.

Having grown up with an overabundance of testosterone and never realizing the societal differences between men and women (outside of bedroom mechanics) is living.

Contentedly accepting in high school that you look like a dude.

Suddenly experiencing womanhood and a womanly figure in college is living.

Accepting that you have a ghetto booty, and that is totally fine (because your fiance adores it and it’s a great conversation-starter, like your nose).

Life is about the weird shite that makes you who you are, makes you become you, and makes you someone different, yet still you. You never really become different; you just have lots of things added to you overtime, like a cake with frosting and sprinkles, or an iron bar welded onto a beam.

Life is about living.

Living is about life.


One thought on “Life

  1. It’s also about wearing giraffe-printed kneehigh stockings with giraffe-printed pumps and loving the fuck out of it. ❤

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