Just a Random, Personal News Flash

Guys, it’s my last year of college. I graduate next semester with a degree in Child Care and Psychology (FCS and Psych together). However, my thirst for knowledge, curriculum release, and future-desired-career skill set has yet to be quenched. I wish to procure a second 4-year degree in Studio Arts and Psychology (again, I know, I have a problem with psych).

Reasons: not only do I want to psychologically support and promote healthy psychological well-being in young children, coupled with research regarding the psychological development of preschool children, but I also want to implement the arts as well. As you all should know, I have bipolar disorder with a slight anti-social tendency/quality. My bipolar is genetic (rampantly), and I have always been inclined to pair my personal trials and general experience with studied resources to help those in the same, and similar, situations. All in all, I wish to use my experience and education to help children like I used to be.

The art comes into play here: all forms of art have greatly promoted my psychological health. My bipolar is released in a format that is born beautiful, rather than the bleak ugly it usually presents itself as. I let my bipolar tendencies and favored structure run free and come out with something decent for a change. It seems the type of structure found in art classes pairs off nicely with my bipolar, rather than squelching its positive notions or antagonizing its breaking points.

I have often heard of art as a form of therapy, and that’s just how I intend to use it with children struggling with psychological problems. It may not work on all, but studies have shown that therapy coupled with any of the arts has increased positive psychological outcomes and refreshed senses of self-control in the participating individuals (across all ages).

I often wonder if many of our mental diagnoses stem from limited creativity: our imagination bottled up, our art skills stunted or stagnating, worsening our mental issues or perhaps even creating them. It’s just a thought, not one I’d readily put my money on as a sure cause to psychological/mental conditions.

Anyway, I thought I would share this with you all out there. It sadly may not happen, because I would need the scholarships to do this at all. However, I have applied for the degree, and I have applied to many scholarships that seem promising. Overall, if I cannot get the funding to do this, then I will have to deny myself and my future this educational supplement.

My first four years have been fueled by nothing but scholarships and grants. I don’t do loans. I tried recently, didn’t like it, gave most the money back and have been steadily paying the rest off. It was only $2000, but I simply can’t use money that I’m not positively sure about repaying soon enough. It’s a risk I don’t wish to take. I enjoy being debt-free. With my soon-to-be husband’s extreme loan pile-up, there’s no need to add on anything more.

These are my hopes and dreams. I would love to further my education, but if the money’s not there then there’s not much I can do about it for now. Let’s hope and pray for the best and see what happens.

P.S. This totally has nothing to do with the theme of this post, but yesterday I was Sarah Connor and my fiance was the Terminator. He looked incredible; glowing red eye and all.

Au revoir.


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