What the Hell Is That All about? Part Jedna (1)

Can someone please tell me why people make these faces so often in pictures?


Seriously, I keep finding more and more people on facebook who make this face and post these pictures as their profile pics. Why? This face makes no sense. It’s worse than the duck face, and even more pointless. In no way would anyone react to someone with this face. There’s nothing anyone could say to make me react with this facial expression. It’s not an expression, it’s crap. WHY PEOPLE? WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS FACE?

Furthermore, why are you making this face then posting it as your profile picture? If you don’t know what else to do in your “selfie” for your facebook profile pic, then just smile. Ok? Just smile. It’s not difficult, surely less difficult than this face. You know what? Go back to doing the duck face. At least that was originally meant to try to look attractive (although failing horridly).

Honestly though, if I am trying to rehome a rescue puppy/kitten to a reliable, loving home, and you message me with this godawful face as your profile picture, I am not going to respond to you. You look like an idiot. Why would you take such an idiotic, pointless picture of yourself, post it as your first and foremost seen profile pic, and expect people to react to it seriously. I get it if you choose something that looks funny, or you were laughing, or purposely trying to make a silly face. But choosing this and being serious about it? Like you think it makes you look good and distinguished? Kid you not, that’s what these people believe when I’ve asked them why they chose that as their profile pictures. I thought they were kidding. They aren’t.

Below is a series of this face that I put together. It’s the only thing I could come up with that would derive any point to making this face.

Snapshot_20141021_1 The fuck is this?

Snapshot_20141021_2 The fuck is that?

Snapshot_20141021_3 The fuck are those?

Snapshot_20141021 Deal with it.

Ok, I’m done.


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