Let Me Just Put This Out There

Yesterday, I was so done with Wal-Mart and the general public, which usually doesn’t take much for me to be done with anyway. This time was more ugly than usual. I was on my period, needing paint medium to finish my hand-painted sweatshirts for winter, and getting increasingly aggravated by not being able to find it ANYWHERE in the store or the town. Worse, there were fuck-tons of people all over the damned store. I have yet to discover a time in my town’s Wal-Mart wherein few-to-no people have completely stormed it. To my dismay, whether you do your shopping at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, hoards of people flock to the store as if every day holds some new epidemic. Every single time I go to my Wal-Mart, I become overwhelmingly alarmed that I may indeed hold the key characteristics of a serial killer. Only in Wal-Mart do I feel quite comfortable with imagining the whole store burning to ash. This may be a little dramatic, but it is a dark evil to endure bleeding out, being bipolar, wanting chocolate, searching for necessary items that suddenly seem to no longer exist, and all the while getting run over by careless, unwashed fuck-wads (as made evident by their stench). After discovering that Wal-Mart no longer carries the painting medium necessary to blend with acryllic paint for fabric-painting in their fabric-painting aisle, I was overly done with the day and gave a fuck-all to the rest of the items I meant to buy. Screw it. There’s not enough chocolate in the known and unknown universe to have made me remain in that hell-hole for another moment.

I forgot to mention I had previously worked on several intensive essays, read many a textbook chapter, and had finished quite a few blocks of random, minor assignments for school that morning. My level of “done” was not one reached too often, even for a stressed-out bipolar like myself.

Today was momentously better, thankfully. I had to do some grocery shopping, but I was blessed with needing only a few items and took to my local grocery store instead of that chain behemoth. I try to avoid Wal-Mart as often as possible anyway, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If an apocalypse were to ever happen in our near future, my list of pro’s for the event would begin with, “no more Wal-Mart and its fucking crowds.”

Chin-up! This blog’s not meant for the kiddies!


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