I’ll Handle My Own Splinters and Logs, Thank You Very Much

I think it’s the cutest thing ever when people pretend to be openly nice to someone that they hate and have bullied countless times in the nastiest ways. Two can play at that game. You speak, I will respond. However, I promise I will not be falsely kind. I will be obviously insincere and entirely mocking you for your acts of stupidity. Until the day you grow up, grow a pair, and truly stumble into that Christianity that you claim you’re walking towards and apologize to my face (as well as the others you’ve hurt), then I will have NO respect for you whatsoever. Your supposed Christian journey is not about waiting around for those you so deeply believe have “wronged” you to apologize and ask for your holy forgiveness, but to be the person to apologize SINCERELY to those you know you’ve wronged… And not expecting anything in return. If I don’t accept your apology, apologize myself (for nothing, really, honestly), or forgive you, then that’s on my soul, not yours. Keep up with yourself, because you’re enough work as is from what the rest of us can see. Stop trying to save everyone else, that’s Christ’s job.

Pick out your own log, first, please.


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