Back “Home.” New Orleans Journey

When I was younger, my mother had taken me to her favorite town, and once her home. New Orleans is an aged port fat with culture, incredible people, and fascinating talents. It is a place painted in excellent flavor, spiced with constant, bubbling life. There is never a dead or silent hour in the French Quarter; I dare you to find one. All day it’s shopping, wandering, eating, some drinking, singing, dancing, and general joy. All night it’s dancing, partying, more wandering and walking, more singing and dancing, and some additional joy. You can mosey in and out as you wish. No one holds you to an opening or closing time; this party goes on as long as the day, and you can leave whenever you feel full. 

This last weekend I enjoyed returning to this fucktabulous town with 3 of my good friends (one is my fiance) to find it just as I left it. I was afraid that my memories of New Orleans had been exaggerated over the years, or that my time here as a child had been a little romanticized. If not that, I was then concerned that things may not have been the same simply due to time or possibly Hurricane Katrina still. Alas, I was happily enlightened that the town was still booming, and nothing would stop it. New Orleans stops at nothing. 

My fiance and I will be uploading tons of videos of our travels and time spent in New Orleans. Once the videos have been edited, we will be uploading them to youtube, and I will leave the link in one of my upcoming posts if you wish to watch us. It’s mostly comedy and crazy, silly behavior, and mostly the road trip portions. 

For now, I will leave you with just a few pictures from the last couple of days and nights. Although satisfied with this trip, I am eager to work towards and save for the next one. Methinks Spring Break is calling for a second trip? Methinks I will at least try!

First Night in New Orleans French Quarter, Hard Rock Cafe jazz bandmoi kiss me! Me and Car Seb and I at bistro Mule-Drawn Cart Alex and I at Jazz Park 2 


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    1. Thank you so much for posting my blog! My name is actually Emily Rose Bell, I just shorten it all cutesy style for my blog. Thanks again, this was a nice surprise!

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