You Know the Kind, or You Are the Kind

I had been outlining a blog, as well as a case study, involving people who believe others’ opinions are wrong (one of the best-known jokes in the world of one-sided, intellectual debate*). In adition, those same people want to end conversations and discussions because of their subconscious, known fear of being wrong (often they are, specifically this outlook). Although these are only two scenarios in which these people believe, or subconsciously know, it was something that I began working on a couple of weeks ago. And today I had “poked the bear,” so to speak, and gathered more information.

Then I realized just how overdone it is to discuss the delusional antics of people who always believe they are right, and everyone is wrong indefinitely. Even at young ages they believe they already know more than anyone else.

Maybe they do not fully recognize this in themselves. For a few of my unknowing subjects, I believe that may be the case. For others, it may be a slight mental or personality disorder. For the rest, it is apparent they fully know what they are doing, and why, they simply seriously believe that they are always right no matter what… Even if they know, deep down, that their thought process in all of this is entirely wrong.

*To clarify: when two people are discussing a topic, it may begin as intellectual, and one of the two is expecting and delivering a calm, intellectual approach, but the other has definitively expressed an automatic “you’re already wrong, there’s no point in going any further in this. Just stop.”

**To add to this: one of the two may have replied to a statement in a joking manner, but the other takes it on as either a mode of enraged defense or an attack of beliefs. Those who believe they are always right in every discussion will nearly always misrepresent jokes as serious statements. Thus, never joke with a self-righteous man or woman; it is the epitome of “poking the bear.” For this mini-study, I had to do it quite often, but I have no qualms with getting a rise out of people. Although, they often believe they are the ones getting the rise out of me (another example of how they always view themselves as right).


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