This College, I Swear…

I need to rant, in hopes that I can squelch this constant, unsurprising misery for just a little longer.

Every year my college disappoints me and my fellow students more often than any student should admit, but with just one more year to go (for me anyway) it’s as though they cannot wait to pull needless shit over and over again.

Disclaimer: although I am still researching all aspects of what exactly it is my university is hiding, and why they are hiding many of their sudden decisions from their students, this specific piece is primarily rant, rage, and theories as to what is really going on. However, the basic facts that I give are undeniable facts that cannot be hidden in any such way. I am also only discussing what is happening THIS SEMESTER, which has just begun, and nothing prior (although there’s been oodles of shit-happenings prior, in my experience and in others’). Here we go:

A couple of days ago the new freshmen moved onto campus for the first time. Yesterday, the rest of the students moved in. Today, all of the students went to buy books, receive loan checks, speak to teachers, etc. Monday is the first day of classes.

Yesterday, the on-campus dwellers discovered something was missing. Our 24-hour open technology center and computer lab, complete with private rooms with TV’s consoles, etc, and printers available, as well as tech-repair guys on hand for all of your computer/laptop needs, AKA this college’s unique, helpful, and marvelous piece of work was entirely gutted and shut down two weeks ago.

No more 24-hour service, no more private rooms for study parties or happy down-time, no way to escape crappy roommates (which this college will NOT help you out with no matter how terrible and crazy your roommates are. Realistically, you could be given legitimate death threats or have been molested/abused/raped, and no one in charge would actually help you to get to another room, another roommate, or a safe place whatsoever), and no way to print off last minute that one piece you were working on. Also, no way to work on anything at any time of night past 11 pm, even during midterms and finals. It’s all gone.

The part that makes this even more strange and all around shady is this decision was made 2 weeks prior to classes starting WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION TO THE STUDENT BODY OR INCOMING FRESHMEN WHATSOEVER. Not even an email, or a tweet for God’s sake. And we’re still paying for tech center fees for a tech center that DOES NOT EXIST.

Please allow me to be further unprofessional here and exclaim WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK, GUYS? WHY? No explanation has been given as of yet. Angry letter writing has begun, petitions are in the works, and riots are being discussed. This is going to get messy, looks like this school will need some enforcing back-up!

Oh wait, what’s this? Hold on a minute! It was here all the years before and then some? Are you kidding me? Is there really no longer any enforcement on campus?

Yes, our eyes saw correctly. The campus police station is gone. Like, the whole building has disappeared. OK, so where did it go? After asking around, no one seems to know where it or the chief of campus police is (this included asking people who have worked at this school for quite some time).

Indeed, the student body was not informed as to where their officers and safety had gone to. We have not been informed by our school whatsoever that they were getting rid of the station, nor did they bother to say anything about our officers at all.

Classes haven’t even started yet, and I’m already scared as to what else I will discover.

I assure you, there are MANY more issues than all of this. MANY MORE. MANY MANY MORE. More issues that have happened just at the start of this semester for that matter, but there are so many it would take forever just to get through the next couple. And that’s not even including all the junk from the past 3 years.

A friend of mine and I have gregarious chant now: “one more year, one more year, one more year.”

However, I’m not putting it past my school that they will go bankrupt and split in the middle of the night as if nothing ever happened BEFORE I graduate. Seems likely at this point.


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