Summery (The Second to the Season Contemplation Set)

Moments pass with the most caring touch, and softest glances. 


Sniffing incense and puffing cigars; something done all year round,

But this season heightens the best of scents with shiny heat and casual breezes. 

Oh little wind, would you visit again soon?


Smoke brings a mentally cooling release in Summertime,

Whereas the hot-heart contrast of fireplaces in Winter warms all.

Therefore, smoke cools, fire burns.

Such opposition may be found in sparks and embers; such a clashing of small titans.


Bake food, make art with brush, tool, and clay!

Write by hand on fresh paper in old notebooks. 


When all else fails, we turn to what we know.


What we know, the truth, has yet to fail us, nor may it ever. 


God, home, a good few parents, nature, and delicious meals:

Then balance is found to your failing extremes. 


These things and I go great together like cotton clothes and cool, soft breezes:

Like violins and Shania Twain.

Yes, twangy strings and tall grass;

Fresh faces and olive oil;

Colored dyes and clotheslines.


And my God, what is it about fermented fruits and fresh cream in this easy season that makes the afternoons and evenings with your favorite folks that much lovelier? 


Embrace these days, not like they will be your last, for that is desperation. 

Nor not as though each is your first, for that is living a falsehood. 

Yet live as though each day is simply a wonderful continuation of all that is you,

And all that you are. 

Because that is all that it is.

You can make it bleak, or you can make it life.


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