Autumnal (The First of the Season Contemplation Set)

This is NOT a poem, rather a contemplation regarding this season. Because in my opinion, a poem is not a poem if doesn’t rhyme throughout. But enjoy: 


Liquid gold, beauty solid.

Full moon, rhapsody in Tiger Love.


Join the world in sheer delight,

Yet lovers’ quarrels haunt the night.


Whisper to the air, ‘less the fallen leaves hear you.

Smooth coolness tints the wind, as the sun in sparks holds on still. 


Fur fluffs in thick, heavy layers,

Coats the sweet beings, preserving their life. 


Take the colors, wild in my hair! Freeing breath in heaves of JOY!

Take the Harvests! Taste the Flavors!


Spices renewed in our pallettes,

Oh, the sweet of gourds and orange hues.


Stars will not fail me now.


My fine season begins in such complete contemplations.

The world embraces me, reminding me of Him. 


I am glad, nay, better for it. 

Feel the words as they pair off with each sense of Heavenly nature. 


Shining feathers found in all the hens. 

Careful hands lead the pen. 


Make your moments meaningful in this time.


Such graceful water, those diamonds on transparent silk. 

This season relies on pondering ponds, tender music, mythology, and collecting firewood.


Those future pine scents still hang in the distance.


Shh… The fog is released in silence,

Take my hand, sir. Silly me, I knew you always would. 

Can you see it? Marriage in this quadrant of time.

But let us wait; this will come again in our lives. 


Let us love it, as we love each other. 

I will walk with you into the lavenders, oranges, navies, crimsons, golds, and violets… Maybe a tinge of blush. 

Dance with me against dark-turned sky.

God, how I live in your companionship.

Our souls will cling to this for eternity.

HEAVEN ON EARTH, make it what you will. 



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