My Philosopher’s Kick

We spend far too many days and sleepless nights pondering who we want to be, and what we want to do… Yet how many of us actually just be it and do it? If we have thought it, we have already internally done so, meaning that we already have the initiating needed ability to be it and do it. Thus the next obvious and logical step is to physically incarnate it.

Everyone responds to this with the trite “easier said than done.” However, we are the ones setting our own limits and handicaps, especially when we say this.

This is why I do not conform to a strict created belief or ideal. I adapt, I do not side with the extreme, however I am not neutral either. Falling to strictly one side or the other, or labeling myself to fit that label is only crippling in the end, and then it becomes difficult to recognize the liberal from the conservative. We are literally keeping ourselves from being ourselves. We are our own worst enemies.

Balance is key, yet not in the traditional sense which this statement is usually meant; mediation matched with binge. Fasting and feasting. A personal plan to fit everyone because it is not the same platform for everyone equally, rather it is an equal idea of a similar-yet-different platform for everyone who is different-yet-similar (for at our base we are all human with the same, basic, fatal needs).

It is not a plan, for plans fall apart, miss our marks, and are entirely unpredictable although we assume a definite outcome. In some regards, plans do not exist. This is not a plan, it is preparation for anything and everything. It is building a house from foundation, and indeed each house is different although our foundations are relatively the same.

There is my philosopher’s kick for the day. Quote me when I’m dead.


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