Don’t You Dare Disrupt My Heaven On Earth

I just don’t understand how people can just give up their babies, be they children or animals. Yes, I would move to a new place and possibly forfeit my comfort for my babies. Yes, I would forfeit my extra cash (as if I had any) for them to eat another day. Yes, I would risk my life for those sweet babies. My child or my puppy, makes no difference to me. I would risk my life for both. It’s just in my nature, I literally cannot deny or change it. And honestly, if you are going to criticize me for it, or tell me it’s silly to be this way, then I really wouldn’t want you in my life, in my babies’ lives. If you cannot value and protect the lives of those who are mostly helpless and count on us for survival, then why should I believe that you would value me? If you insult my babies, you insult me. I will love you, I will talk to you, and I will show you as much kindness as I can, but I will not have you in my home where my babies are only loved and protected.

My mother told me about how she and my father banned certain people from our home. She did this not because she was hateful or vindictive, but because I was her baby, as well as the little furry babies that we had in our home, and she would not tolerate anything or anyone who would threaten our safety, comfort, and happiness. She would be kind to them in public, but they were not to come into our home and disrupt our little slice of heaven on Earth.

I did not fully understand this at first. I did not understand that I too would have “friends” toward whom I would feel this way. I thought everyone I would initially bring into my life would be great towards my family and my home, and would never disrespect or harm what I had. I thought this because I assumed that those I chose to be in my life would be great people. And they are still great people, but some are not great for my home. They are not great for my babies. And they are not great for my piece of mind. If I cannot understand why they would do this, then I know they will not understand me and why I do the same.

So now I have a little inkling of what it’s like, Mom. I get it now. And it’s sad that there are people who have to be this way, who have to threaten and disrupt perfectly happy homes, and try to break apart families, simply because they don’t even really try to understand what it’s like to tear away a part of your heart and soul, something that is so very dear to you. They think it’s easy, but that’s because they’ve allowed anyone to take that place in their lives, or at least they don’t think it applies to certain ones, like an adopted child or little animal. They think it’s so easy to just toss it away, and sneer and giggle or roll their eyes when we hurt over the thought of such a thing.

My best friend from childhood put it best. People like that make a toxic situation for everyone involved.

But what I really wanted to say was thank you, Ma, for being the person who prevents those people from disrupting our peace, and for being the person who made the sacrifices to keep me in your life and safe and loved. Thank you for not being the person who found it easy to get rid of an animal or child. Thank you for being the person who didn’t see the difference in God’s small things (both children and animals), and kept us all happy and in a good home as best as you could. And thank you for in turn making me this kind of person too.

For those of you with babies of any kind that you would risk your lifestyle or life for, you are blessed. And your babies are definitely blessed too.

Doing everything you can, and giving everything you have is far greater than just doing what makes you feel comfortable, and only giving what you feel like giving. The story of the old woman and her small tithe of two little coins whilst the rich were giving heaps of money is the best example for this. She gave everything she had, which made those two little coins the biggest tithe over everything the rich men gave.

Your all is bigger than just what chunk you have to offer. Bring a little heaven on Earth into your home today. 🙂


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