What is it that is in our nature that drives us to attempt to do things that we have been told cannot be done, or that we ourselves have said cannot be done. It seems that even if we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we still do it anyway. I believe that’s why “challenge accepted!” is so popular as a quote or joke in our culture. We try to do what is spoken as impossible, and one of those impossibilities that we take a shot at regardless is when the word “indescribable” is used.

When someone says they are “indescribably joyful,” they still continue to try to describe just how joyful they feel. 

Observe another example: reporters try to portray the degree of spectacular or dramatic significance of an event by stating “indescribable volume” or “indescribable situation,” and yet they still spend a good two-five minutes describing and explaining the scene.

Just a side note here: I’m not at all annoyed by this, but rather fascinated by how we love to shoot for a triumph when we here the words “cannot be done” or even the slightest inference of such meaning. Even the most shy, introverted pushover still feels pulled to follow in this same suit in some ways, and usually in the verbal ways which words like “indescribable” tend to inflict. 

We are a race of fighters. The human race is strangely attracted to impossible achievements and victories. I think if we stated in our media that it is impossible to commit suicide, it is impossible not to kill, and it is impossible to love, then the majority of us would declare our battle cries of “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” and the rate of suicide and murder might just go down a tad. 

Or maybe I’m crazy and I think too much, but it was an interesting little afternoon think anyhow. Or maybe that’s how companies and media persuade us into certain sales and styles… They tell us it is impossible to resist. 😉


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