Listen up! Need a Hand in the Wedding for Cheaps?

If you would like some free tips on your upcoming wedding (no matter how far in the future it is), just email me for some of these tips at with the subject of “free wedding tips.” If you like what I can do, then I will help you plan the ceremony under whatever criteria you would prefer for only 25-50 dollars, and I will plan both ceremony and wedding party for 65-100 dollars. This amount is not per hour, but simply for the whole ordeal. Half will be asked for upfront, with the second half paid once the planning is complete. 

I will create a pinterest with your name on it, and make you co-admin of it (yes, I will require you to have a pinterest if you do not have one already). I will post pictures and websites form which they came constantly for you to see and to approve/disprove of to get an overview of what you would like to have at your wedding. You may also post whatever it is you like. If money is an issue, I will always look for deals and low prices, but great quality as well. I am a great bargain shopper! 

Through pinterest we will have the building blocks to your wedding’s design, and through the websites we will have prices shown and the ability to make purchases. You might already have some of the things that you would like to have for your wedding. I will ask you to post those first, and we will decide on other things to add to the overall design that will match as we go along. 

At many different intervals, we will Skype each other to thoroughly discuss and vote on what will be best when it comes to price, shipping, quality, and your personal style and desires. I have worked on the designs and plans of many weddings now, and I have even assisted my professors on designing their homes and wardrobes as well. 

As a Family and Consumer Sciences major, I am constantly exposed to the world of home and wedding design, as well as fashion and art. Also, I am a psychology student, from which I have learned significant people skills. 

I know we can get along, and I know we can pull of a beautiful wedding for you! I am not prejudiced or known to stereotype whatsoever. I will gladly work with all sexual preferences, religions, races, and genders.

Let’s make your wedding about you, and email me today!


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