Coming Soon…

Before I go for the day, I did want to let everyone know about something that I plan to do to showcase my love for fashion and design. 

I will be going through my entire wardrobe and creating as many outfits as I possibly can, taking pictures of them all, and posting them on my blog. Now, here’s what I would like you guys to do!

For every photo of outfits you like, please like them on my blog, or if you reeeeaaally like them, then please follow me.

I am also seeking feedback, so please leave comments about what you think about my outfits, whether you like them or not, just tell me! I want to hear your thoughts about what I wear so I know what looks good on me, and what I should never try again.

One more thing about this: I will name each outfit, and have a certain amount of similar outfits in each titled category. When I am finished with each category, I will let everyone know that the category is done, and I want you guys to vote for which outfit you thought was the best in that category. It will be fun, I promise!

I am super excited about this, and cannot wait to get started on the dressing. I’m also really excited to hear what you all have to say. Let’s get started soon!


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