All Is Right with the World Again

That’s right! Maybe it was a test, maybe it was just the fact that I worry too much, but my baby came back!

Snax finally showed up late this morning, already well-fed, meaning she was out partying and binge-eating with someone else! I’m so happy to know that she is all right and that no matter what she came home.

Right now she is watching me write this blog, proud that it is about her return, She sits in my man’s lap, all snuggled up. Two of my favorite things are sitting together right next to me. How can I not be ecstatic?

This has been a great and wonderful surprise before my first class today. I’m even more thankful that I didn’t have to go through the entire day still wondering where she is and hoping she would come back. Snax is back, and this time for good. I know she will always return now; this is her home.

And in other news, tonight there will be festival of various cultures sharing their foods and dances and histories. Hopefully we will be going, but I might just come home to have a relaxing night with the ones I love. My man and my cat. ‘Nuff said.

(NOTE: I only had enough time to write this, did not edit, so my apologies in advance if you found any errors here!)


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