The Original Wonka!

The Original Wonka!

Although I adore Johnny Depp’s version of the sweets-master, no one beats Gene Wilder when is comes to crazy and just plain odd!

Tonight, I’m watching this movie with my man, who is snuggling with me and a kitty. One of my best friends and her lovey dove (who is also our roommate) have been snuggled up on the floor and singing along to the memorable songs. Our bellies are full from salted honey chicken and curry rice (made by moi!), and hot chocolate to wash it all down.

I need to get to my homework, and I still plan to of course, but Wonka has got me zoning out to a world of little men and dangerously tasty candies. Who else wants a handful of that mushroom cream-nougat? What is up with that sweet madness?! Did you know that 1/3 of that first set of “Pure Imagination” was actually edible? Crazy stuff…

Moving on! We’re at the end of this delectable tale, and Wonka just went on his tirade, his final test for Charlie. So I am off to finish fully indulging in the beautiful wonder of the flying, glass Wonkavator! I bid you all adieu, and gesundheit!


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