“Whatever it is…

“Whatever it is that you specifically make time to do, no matter how busy you are, you will find yourself doing it for the rest of your life, and probably as a career.” -Ma

“Take care of your crap!” -Dr. Connie Phelps

“Do work.” -Paul Glover

“If it was easy, everyone could do it.” Miss Marjorie

“They can take your home, your things, your family, everything you own, but they can never take what is in your mind.” – Grandma (from her grandfather)

“After everything else goes, land will still remain.” -Pop Pop.

These quotes have followed me and still follow me throughout my life, and I collect more along the way. Every now and then, there will be that one quote that just sticks with me and stays in my brain, and then I find myself using the quote in everyday conversation.

The first quote came from my mother. She told me this many times in my life, but the first time she told me this was when I was still just a little kid. She always promoted my hobbies and interests, waiting for me to truly find my nitch in this world. She always pushed me to learn everything I possibly could about my interests, and she helped bring me to my three big loves, which are people, animals, and of course DESIGN!

The second quote came from my Family and Consumer Sciences professor in college. She always had a great sense of humor, was very realistic, but still very classy and professional. She was a true trail blazer, and could really work her way to the top wherever she was placed. Her quote actually came in handy quite often at school, because sadly there were a few students that I encountered who would not, indeed, take care of their crap. Such drama and¬†unnecessary “crap” these certain people only impeded the success for anyone of us to obtain, which therefore impeded scholastic, professional, and social excellence.

The third quote came from one of my favorite employers and leaders I have ever known. He was my radio station manager, of which I directed marketing, promotions, and sales, and a beloved teacher at my college. In two words Glover could have us embarking on the road to our success. “Do work” also became a popular term that I would often quote to my friends as well. It worked! It is simple, amusing, and sincere. If you do your work, you’re great! If not, it’s your problem.

The fourth quote actually came from my ballet teacher when I was a little kid. Every time we were faced with a difficult dance move, Miss Marjorie would always start with “if it was easy…” and we would all answer her with “everyone could do it!” That actually made me feel quite exceptional when I could finally achieve a task that not everyone could perform. I began using this quote any time and every time I was faced with a challenge. It gives near hopelessness that final burst of motivation to complete the objective. Who knew that the words of a children’s ballet teacher could be so motivational?

The fifth quote is fairly self-explanatory, but the beauty of it is that it comes from such a long line of family. The fact that it is the type of quote that stuck with my grandmother throughout her life, and that it came from her own grandfather, and now I use it as well is quite phenomenal to me. It is amazing how hand-me-downs can come in more forms than clothes or dishes.

The final quote came from my wealthy, Scottish grandfather. I adored him for the short time that I knew him. He embodied the classic story of the boy who grew up with nothing, taking care of his family as the man of the house, and teaching himself, while working, to become a successful, wealthy man. He was committed to never having to watch his loved ones or himself go hungry ever again. My grandfather worked his way to the top and achieved his desired goals in everything he did. He was a pilot, a businessman, a landlord, a stock investor, and a mayor. Yet with all of this success trailing him, he never became a crook or swindler. He knew to do what was right, and always acted on morals and ethics. He was intelligent, and always seeking more knowledge. Out of all of the things he said to me and to my mother, this quote has been the one to stick with me the most. It is something that, like the quote itself states, will remain with me long after I lose my grip on everything else. This is the root of it all to me, as weird as that may sound, but the truth lies within it. I was raised on a farm, and knew that if the house burned down, if all the animals were killed, if my family left, if the land itself was trodden and dug up and destroyed, no matter what, it would still be there. After all the wars and death this planet has seen, the land is still there, and will always be there.


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