Long Time Planning, Just Now Happening!

Oy vey, it certainly has been a long time planning to actually get my ideas off the ground! Well, they may not be off the ground yet, but at least they are on the surface, no longer under the dirt.

I have been designing clothing, furniture, homes, and artwork since I was a wee child, and I have been writing extensively since then too. I wrote a four novel series by the time I was 17 (started it at 13), and had it acquitted by three of my favorite authors! I also had a collection of poems published in my county of Arkansas. Some I had written when I was about 9 or 10, others I had written when I was 14 and 15. However, my county and state seemed to love my work (although I was never quite pleased), and requested to publish my writings. 

I believe that as a writer, you will never be completely happy with your work… EVER! I know that I certainly am never 100% happy with what I write. I think the most I can get is content, and maybe a little cocky that others will absorb it, but I still always see the need for improvement. Then again, I pretty sure that all artists are like… The good ones anyway.

It is so late, and I cannot believe how late I’ve allowed myself to stay awake, especially with an early class in the morning. I am a college student, and for those of you too young to know just yet: BRACE THYSELVES! It’s rough, it’s hard, it is far from sweet and nice in the workload. However, it is one of the most fabulous experiences you will ever have in your life. Even if you don’t stick through it to the end, the people you meet, the situations in which you get involved, and the leaders you will have will give you a rich knowledge that truly does prepare your mind, body, and heart for the real world. I sometimes just want to give up, I just want to walk away from it all, never to be seen again… But you know what? Deep down I know that I could never really do it. No matter what happens, something will always keep me here. Something will always beckon to me. I know I have to do this; I must complete my education. It feels right. This college keeps me intrigued even when I think I cannot stand it any longer. The entirety of this place somehow keeps me going. 

Maybe college wasn’t for you, maybe it was. Maybe you never got to go to college at all. But I bet that you had some sort of experience similar that you know you cannot compare to anything else you’ve ever gone through in your life. Chances are, that’s what will keep you going when all else is gone. 

Planning involves detail, which births eventual uncertainty and gives way to some sort of failure, but preparation will never fail you.

Go forth and prepare yourselves! The future is coming fast.


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